Debian on the Slug - Part 2


Tried my hand at soldering a connector to the slug board - abandoned it soon as I found that I might make a mess out of it. A kind fellow on the slug irc channel advised me to do the following:

  • Reflash with Linksys firmware, and immediately,
  • Telnet into RedBootThe `First manual method' worked fine for me. Just have to press Ctrl-C soon enough, that's all.
  • Do a ResetSysConf
  • Reboot the linksys firmware, enter the web interface and set the gateway IP. The slug uses the default IP of and I set my laptop's (the g/w) IP as
  • Reflash with the Debian etch rc1 installer and reboot
After a few minutes, I started getting ping responses. A few minutes later, I was able to ssh into the box as user `installer' (there was a problem with authentication which could be solved easily). Now I am happily running a shell on the slug. A `cat /proc/cpuinfo' tells me that the speed is 133 MHz. Shall I try overclocking it?

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