Reliance ZTE 315 Datacard on GNU/Linux


I am writing this from Vellore, on my father's HP laptop (which unfortunately runs M$ Windows) connected to the net with a reliance PCMCIA data card, ZTE 315. No, I am not using M$ Windows to connect to the net. I installed Debian Etch on a free partition and followed the procedure described here and it worked very well! There was a problem with the Debian installation - I was unable to get grub installed - but LILO worked fine. Father can't use GNU/Linux because a site which is crucial for his stock market work doesn't load properly on Firefox; have to find out why.


Tue Dec 18 09:52:08 2007

"Father canít use GNU/Linux because a site which is crucial for his stock market work doesnít load properly on Firefox; have to find out why." - It will be a bug in that website. May be with java scripts, css or ajx.


Tue Sep 9 10:56:19 2008

I have also taken Reliance data card and till now spent Rs. 5000 on the modem and on paying the bills extra. They had given me a white data card which was returned and also the executive said that many of them complain on its use and the cost and the accesbility. Instead of this i was replaced with a ZTE model which was an open piece. I requested for a close box , new piece but the executive said as ur piece was open and used he had to give me an open data card modem. I used that for around 3 months but always getting disconnected. After complaining, the guy says he will help me with it but as far as my experience is with reliance, Ambani was very true in what he said....karlo duniya apni mutthi mein..." Sabka maal apna mutthi mein"... I would request everyone not to ever go for any reliance data card...or reliance mobiles...they are utterly rubbish... I have invested so much on this data card instead i could get gold for me which would alteast be genuine with me.

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