Pramode C.E is a GNU/Linux and Free Software enthusiast from Trichur, Kerala. His areas of interest/expertise include GNU/Linux systems programming, Embedded Linux and microcontroller (mostly PIC's and AVR's) based systems design. He provides consultancy and training services in these domains. The "Gnuvision Blog" contains mostly discussions regarding the technical as well as social aspects of Free Software - it's a continuation of http://pramode-ce.livejournal.com which was Pramode's original Blog (all the entries from the original blog are archived here, without the user comments). Update (18 Jun 2008) ================= The GnuVIsion Blog has finally been transformed to a place for discussing the social, political, economic and philosophical implications of Free Software and technology in general. You can contact Pramode by email: pramode_ce AT yahoo DOT co DOT in

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