LyX, Scribus and Free Software Documentation tools

Published on: 2005-11-12

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LyX, Scribus and Free Software Documentation tools


Finished writing the Phoenix user manual today - lots of stuff still to add, but a newbie user should be able to get started with it. Phoenix User Manual I use LyX for most of my documentation purposes; it's a really great program which I think not too many people know about - give it a try - you can prepare high quality LaTeX documents without knowing anything about LaTeX! I am sorry I haven't done this before - I am now going to ask students to throw away MS-Word and write their reports/documents in LyX. While LyX is ideal for generating rigid, structured documents mostly meant for publication in technical journals, Scribus is for the other extreme - artistic brochures, pamphlets etc (the so called `Desktop publishing' market). We see free software tools marching ahead inexorably - world domination is not too far away ;-)

microsoft admirer

Sun Nov 22 09:19:24 2009

Lyx is good for scientific paper. But what about presentations? Beamer: You keep concentrating on coding and errors than content! If a line flow out of paper, you adjust easily with words, Lyx adds to wastage of paper or reduction of font size making reader uncomfortable. Is it true wysiwyg? No. Try and adjust image position on page.