Get Salary for criticizing software products !!

Published on: 2006-1-11

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Get Salary for criticizing software products !!


This is the title of an Ad in today's Hindu (Opportunities) by STC Technologies, an instituition which trains software `testers'! Maybe, the intention is to convey that software testing is something cool like literary criticism. What will happen if someday we are able to write s/w which has no defects and which can be mathematically proven to be defect free? Seems far fetched? For the sake of our own rice and sambhar, let's pray that God doesn't give too much intelligence to those mathematicians working in areas like formal verification and that we keep churning out more and more buggy programs which can be later tested by STC trained testers and debugged, enhanced and re-bugged by more and more of our hi-tech software engineers ... Here is an interesting link: read more...

Gautham Ganapathy

Fri Aug 1 14:34:51 2008

Hmm. If you had a generalized way to mathematically prove that a program was defect-free (ie, it's behaviour can be predicted based on the contents of the program and the input), wouldn't that be a solution to the Halting problem?! I think we are safe !!

Inder P Singh

Sat Jan 17 10:41:56 2009

Programs mathematically proven to be defect-free? Not only are we a long way from these proofs, sometimes even detailed and scientific analysis of problems is interpreted in a much unexpected way. Read an interesting article titled, "The Parable of the Two Programmers" at Inder P Singh