Fun with trains

Published on: 2006-2-16

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Fun with trains


I am having fun running a model railroad with some of my students from Srikrishnapuram engg college! The idea is to control toy trains (running on electrified tracks) using some form of real-time Linux (say RTAI/Fusion). It's a fun way to learn a lot about PC interfacing and writing programs with mutliple threads, semaphores and stuff of that sort ... train2 train1 The inspiration for my `toy-train lab' came from an amazing real-time systems course being conducted by John Mccormick. Read more about it here. There are lots of inexpensive ways in which you can make computing education interesting and meaningful; the sad thing is that very few people really care about it.

Gautham Ganapathy

Fri Aug 1 14:41:47 2008

Seems to be a problem in one of the links (Read more about it [here])

Jeffrey Antony

Sun Aug 10 07:08:43 2008

The correct link is here


Thu Dec 10 00:12:33 2009

Hi, I am new to Linux and RTAI. I want to learn serial programming in Linux and RTAI. I installed RTAI 3.5 and linux kernel 2.6.20 by following steps given in I am looking for some example programs to try. Please provide some good links, etc. Thanks. Shahul