ReStructuredText, Creating slides with Python

Published on: 2006-2-25

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ReStructuredText, Creating slides with Python


The Python ReStructuredText(ReST) module takes in an `informally structured' text document like the following:

This is *italics*

This is another para.
This is part of the same para.

1. Hello
2. World

3) Here

     1) Please
     2) Come

4. Danger
5. Tiger 

(6) Dog
and generates more `structured' HTML/XML/LaTeX documents like this. It's part of the Docutils module.(Note: the above text was converted to HTML by running the `' command which comes with the docutils distribution - it seems that this file is not being installed properly when you apt-get docutils on an Ubuntu machine). I was on the lookout for a decent text-based slide preparation tool when I chanced upon Easy Slide shows with ReST and S5; haven't gone through it yet.


Tue Mar 31 11:28:27 2009

how to install restrctured text in ubuntu n how to use it?