GNU/Linux talk at Vidya Academy

Published on: 2006-4-1

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GNU/Linux talk at Vidya Academy


Kerala's engineering colleges are witnessing a big leap in Free Software activism, thanks to the initiative of organizations like SPACE and the FSF. Many colleges are forming FOSS user groups and organizing talks and workshops; getting started is not really difficult, what is to be seen is whether the initial enthusiasm is sustained in the long run!

I was invited for an "introductory" GNU/Linux class at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology yesterday - for a change, I thought I will not use slides - and it proved to be a better experience. The audience was as usual mostly students with very little exposure to GNU/Linux - but the level of enthusiasm was better than what I felt in a few other colleges which I had visited earlier. A few guys from the audience were ready to ask questions - and that made things a little less sleepy!