Campus Placement season begins

Published on: 2006-4-5

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Campus Placement season begins


It's the middle of the 6th sememster (in Calicut University) and it seems that we are going to witness really *massive* campus recruitments; for instance, a Technopark based firm is planning to take in 3000 fresh hands this year. Once they get placed, a majority of even the good students lose all interest in their studies including project work which is an integral part of the B.Tech curriculum. Most people believe that learning stops when they get a job. On the other hand, there are always a few students who think this way - "OK, I have a job - now no need to worry about that, so let me do some interesting and challenging projects" - these are the *real* students - the tragedy is that they are very few in number these days. Why can't the Software Industry wait till say the beginning of the 8th sem for campus placements? There might be valid reasons - but I am told that companies (US Software, Accenture, CTS, TCS ....) are impatient to grab the `best brains' from the campus. I wonder what they are doing with such a gigantic amount of accumulated brainpower! On a related note, what is the point in having Civil/Mech/Electrical branches in our Engineering colleges? Why not have a unified CPDDSM (Copy-Paste-Drag-Drop-Software-Masonry) course?


Tue Feb 26 18:36:47 2008

IT kaare kaliyaakkunno?

Pramode C.E

Wed Feb 27 05:29:14 2008

Not at all - merely stating some facts.