Hack the Cube (Part 4)

Published on: 2007-2-27

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Hack the Cube (Part 4)


Got a simple test program running on the cube today ... cube4 Watch the video here On an unrelated note, a medium sized snake came visiting today. I saw him slither by at about 9:30pm when I was going to close the gate. I am not exactly known for my courage; but as the fellow looked harmless, I decided to teach him who is the boss - I picked up a big brick and aimed it at his head, with the intention of smashing it to pulp; unfortunately, brother snake seems to have some kind of sixth sense, and he can move real fast - so fast that by the time the weapon struck the ground, he had vanished from sight! I will not try such tricks again.

Dale Wheat

Thu Nov 22 00:11:48 2007

We have "telepathic" snakes here in Texas as well! I found one hiding under a loose step, all coiled up and apparently taking a nap. I happened to be armed with a shovel at the time so I decided to send this particular snake to his reward as it was a copperhead, which is a poisonous viper. Moving slowly, I prepared to strike as quickly as possible, but once I started to actually move, he was gone before I could blink! Tricky devils!