Karmarkar out of Tatas supercomputer project

Published on: 2007-7-4

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Karmarkar out of Tata's supercomputer project


The manner in which the venture was managed, says Mr Karmakar, seemed to suggest otherwise. For instance, the Tatas created tightly-bound employment contracts for the scientists working on the project, which prevented any kind of dissertation. A scientist who was on deputation from TIFR was unable to submit his thesis because of strict employment policies. Such restrictions strike at the heart of the model of an open system that Mr Karmarkar had in mind when he took up the project. At its crux, scientific research is always a give-and-take model, he says. “When we started work on the project, we would perhaps have had to lean on other some people’s work. So, it is incumbent on us to allow others to partake the benefits of our research, if scientific development has to take place,” he says. Read more It is said that the Tata's were once a company with vision and social commitment. Where has all that gone now?.