Experiments with the ATNGW100 - Part 3

Published on: 2007-8-22

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Experiments with the ATNGW100 - Part 3


The mechanical dimensions of the ATNGW100 are given here. There are 3 expansion headers available - J5,J6 and J7. The pinout details are given here. I want to gain access to the PWM channels - so I decided to go with J5. An old hard disk cable came handy. Extending the atngw100 A few neat configfs tricks later, we are ready to blink LED's! More GPIO related info here. By the way, is it the end of the road for ioctl's? Things to do immediately: read the gpio driver, write a PWM driver.


Tue Sep 23 16:30:37 2008

Hello ! What's the maximum frequency of the module PWM ? Thanks in advance

Colin MacKenzie

Thu Sep 18 17:01:54 2008

How are you getting along here? I notice it's been a year. I just ordered my atngw100 kit. I'm looking forward to checking it out. My first project, I would like to add a BurrBrown PCM Codec (possibly) through the AC97 interface in order to make an mp3 or ogg speex/vorbis backup recorder/logger with playback. Basically, just a simple tape recorder like interface but doesnt use tapes, and also has the ability to automatically copy the file to a remote server for logging. This should be pretty simple to do I think with linux and a PCM3xxx from BurrBrown. What did you want the PWM for? Happen to be doing any robotics or servo control?