Wordpress as CMS, Python book update

Published on: 2008-1-15

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Wordpress as CMS, Python book update


GnuVision.com is up and running ...

Finally, I decided to use a Content Management System, and went for Wordpress, which people know mostly as a blogging software.

Check out how to use Wordpress as a CMS

A bit of PHP tweaking is all that is required ... try it out, it is simple! I am using the `Sandbox' theme.

Wrote a bit more Python code to add a mouse to Neko's environment. I think I now have a plan as to how to proceed with the book. Read more

Praveen A

Mon Jan 28 04:20:35 2008

You can try openid plugin for wordpress from here http://verselogic.net/projects/wordpress/wordpress-openid-plugin/ Some bits I've scribbled about openid here http://pravi.livejournal.com/21136.html