A mantra of Baba Amte

Published on: 2008-2-24

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A mantra of Baba Amte


For a man who once speeded in fancy cars, wrote film reviews for The Picture Goer, corresponded with Hollywood icons Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer, Baba Amte has come a long, long way since that rainy night in Warora. The sight of Tulshiram, a maggot-eaten leper, changed his life forever and Baba Amte was on course to fulfilling his destiny. He tended to those shunned by society and started Anandwan in 1949 on 50 acres of barren land, six leprosy patients, Rs 14 and a lame cow.

That's Baba Amte, and he is no more.

I chanced upon an old article by Arun Shourie - A mantra of Baba Amte, and what it has meant to my friend.

Atanu refers to this article on his blog entry on The Utility of suffering

The question shall forever remain unanswered ....


Mon Feb 25 15:34:32 2008

Phew! That is mesmerizing!! Vivek should be a man of immense inner strength to be so much in control at that point of time.

Pramode C.E

Wed Feb 27 05:30:22 2008

Yes - it's an amazing narrative!