Python jobs in India

Published on: 2008-3-16

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Python jobs in India


Are you looking for a Python job in India? Check out: Recruitment ads are seldom interesting - but this one is different! We need a lot more companies like Comat. Two students from XYZ Engineering college came to me with a doubt - they were going to do a mini project on `Digital circuit simulation' - somebody told them to do it in `Python' - but they want to do it in ASP.NET because they will have NO use for Python in the future. What is my suggestion? You know what it would be ... But then, there is another problem - who would "teach" them Python? Can I do it? I shifted the burden onto Swaroop! I have a hunch that they will still try to do the "circuit simulation" in ASP.NET! Good luck to them!


Mon Mar 17 13:12:54 2008

Do you know : The .NET is having some "built in" function s and special libraries for cryptography and it is supposed to be the best! My friends told me that after a heavy search over Google for there mini-project :) What else they will get when they search for "cryptography asp .net microsoft" :(

Pramode C.E

Mon Mar 17 14:49:36 2008

Well, don't be surprised if somebody tells you something like this .... :-)


Sat Jul 4 03:27:43 2009

I think python is the best... Being a high level language, it is very verbose and easy to learn and yet very powerful.. it is a future language... start learning it today...


Wed May 20 17:57:55 2009

I think python has it's own status