A sad day for open standards

Published on: 2008-4-2

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A sad day for open standards


Yes - MS has proved once again that with really deep pockets, anything is possible. Read report1 and report2 It's time that we intensify efforts like this at all levels.


Thu Apr 3 14:42:58 2008

Hmm .. now organizations themselves have to take steps to choose the open document format; and *convincing* organizations is not easy! I think, most of the institutes in India do not have any particular standard as of now. Students can therefore try to motivate the `heads' to make ODF the default standard for all academic purposes. Starting from educational institutions is the best option!

Pramode C.E

Fri Apr 4 05:44:32 2008

Yes - but even that is not an easy job because there is very little awareness about these issues ...


Fri Apr 4 10:05:04 2008

Why don't we keep a BOF session on Document Freedom at FOSSMeet? http://fossmeet.in/node/127 I've mailed Anivar requesting him to take the initiative, but I haven't got a reply till now.