Infy and TCS want software patents in India!

Published on: 2008-7-25

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Infy and TCS want software patents in India!


IT majors like Infosys Technologies Ltd and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are opposing the open-source community’s demand that the government drop a clause in the draft patent examination manual as it gives scope for software patenting under the Indian Patent Act of 2003. Read more It seems that the next Turing award would be given to an Infosys employee - such is the amazing intellect which these people display. Look at what they have to say: Infosys, which sent a separate representation, goes even further—it says even the source code should get a patent. Any guesses what our comrades at Infy and TCS (and Satyam, CTS etc) are going to "patent"? Meantime, let me try to get a patent issued for "the innovative technique of software reuse whereby the programmer executes a complex manipulation involving two simultaneous keypresses followed by two more simultaneous keypresses which results in a bunch of ascii characters residing in one segment of the computer's RAM getting copied to another segment of the computer's RAM"; I don't want the Infy guys to grab this jewel!


Fri Jul 25 18:51:32 2008

Ofocurse.... Infy, TCS, Wipro et al will first fight for these patents Patent 1: The idea of googling for pre-existing code, copying it and pasting it in such way that it meets clients requirements with minimal efforts and coding. Patent 2 : Idea of recruiting huge man power in labor cheap countries and 'bench'ing them, so as to impress clients. Patent 3 : The idea of making a company with the above ideas. :)

Gagan B. Mishra

Tue Aug 5 05:54:59 2008

This is really disgusting.


Sun Oct 26 03:36:51 2008

He he! If the US companies get a chance to enforce their patents in india, Infy and TCS will be out of business in like 2 minutes!