Interesting TED talks!

Published on: 2008-9-10

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Interesting TED talks!


Richard Baraniuk is founder of Connexions, a free, open-source, global clearinghouse of course materials. Watch him deliver a TED talk on: Goodbye Textbooks; hello open source learning! [Thanks to for the link] Two days back, I got my copy of the August issue of Communications of the ACM; there was a call for papers on a special track on "Educational MashUps" for the International Conference on Interactive Computer-Aided Learning. There was even a definition for the term "MashUp": Mashups involve the reuse or remixing of works of art, of content and/or data for purposes that usually were not intended or even imagined by the original creators. Yes - serious "academic" researchers have started taking note of the ideas Richard Baraniuk has expressed in his talk; ideas which have already created a huge revolution in the field of Computer Software - and are going to create even bigger revolutions in the field of art, culture, design ... Here is yet another TED talk which I found interesting, this one by Yochai Benkler: Open Source Economics Enjoy!

Pramode C.E

Thu Sep 11 07:28:22 2008

Thanks for the link, Devidas!


Thu Sep 11 03:55:19 2008

sir, not related here but thought its worth a read....