A Window to Freedom - on Dec 4th!

Published on: 2008-11-29

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A Window to Freedom - on Dec 4th!


Free Software User's group Thrissur - Dec 4 meeting Poster was designed by Hiran in Inkscape using his own GPL licensed font Perizia! Wiki page of the event


Fri Dec 5 08:06:40 2008

Awesome poster :-)


Sun Nov 30 10:25:46 2008

Last week, I had a conversation with a friend doing PhD at IIT-M in the Mechanical Engineering department. When I was leaving IIT, he was moving to GNU/Linux. But now, he says, he has been successfully motivating most of his colleagues and friends to shift to GNU/Linux. His strategy, he said, is simple. First, to show a demo of Ubuntu. Second, to show that there are better tools to do the same work they used to do on Windows system. The most important tools for a common man include the one to prepare documents and presentations. What he did was, write some equations in Openoffice, and show how good the appear in presentations. He says, there is nothing other than Latex that can beat it! I never used Openoffice; but, from what he said, it seems to be a good idea. So, it might be a good idea to demonstrate how to prepare `cool' slides using Openoffice.

Pramode C.E

Mon Dec 1 03:53:15 2008

sajith: Poster was designed by Hiran in Inkscape using his own font "perizia". I have added the acknowledgement to the post.

Pramode C.E

Mon Dec 1 03:54:56 2008

Dinil: Yes - that's the idea!


Sun Nov 30 18:33:08 2008

This is so well-designed! Please do acknowledge the designer(s). :-)