Microsoft is going to Elevate America!!

Published on: 2009-2-24

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Microsoft is going to "Elevate America"!!


REDMOND, Wash. Feb. 22, 2009 Microsoft Corp. today announced a new initiative, Elevate America, which will provide up to 2 million people over the next three years with the technology training needed to succeed in the 21st-century economy. Microsoft has worked for years with other businesses and community-based partners to broaden access to job opportunities through information technology education and training. Elevate America expands these efforts and provides immediate support in response to the current economic crisis in partnership with others in the public and private sector. Check out Microsoft's "Elevate America" Interesting to see BillG trying to create such a huge number of "MS certified morons" - maybe, as somebody mentioned on Slashdot, this is what they actually intend to do: The really brilliant part: Elevate America has two main offerings, one available immediately and one that will be provided in partnership with state governments Translation: MS will get money earmarked for retraining programs in order to flood the market with MS trained workers, depressing the wages of the latter and making their "TCO" so much more attractive. You have to admire a company that is able to screw us coming and going.

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