Patent absurdity reaches new heights!

Published on: 2009-3-14

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Patent absurdity reaches new heights!


For years we've been writing about various abuses of the patent system, and how they damage innovation. There are times when we hear about abuses of the patent system that actually put lives in danger -- often around the pharmaceutical industry. At least in that case, you can sometimes understand the basic reasoning (even if it's actually incorrect). However, we recently came across an example of the patent system being abused in such an egregious manner that it's putting many lives at stake... Patents being abused to put your life in danger So, now they have taken out patents on that amazing process called "asking questions"! What next?


Mon Mar 16 09:00:28 2009

check this out


Wed Mar 18 08:56:33 2009

Exploring on the absurdity, I had bookmarked this page - - though haven't read it completely.

Pramode C.E

Tue Mar 17 09:31:52 2009

Hiran, Lekha: So Laddu's and Linked Lists are in .... now what???

Lekha N M

Mon Mar 16 05:28:07 2009

Do you know there is a patent for linked list datastructure. Check this .