Dmitry Orlov on That Bastion of American Socialism

Published on: 2009-3-30

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Dmitry Orlov on "That Bastion of American Socialism"


If you think that you know everything about capitalism, socialism and the current recession, check out the writings of Dmitry Orlov for some fresh (and sometimes alarming) perspective! Read That Bastion of American Socialism as a sample! We don't know whether Orlov is a Free Software enthusiast, but he has some nice things to say about Microsoft in the above article: In spite of these many failures, the US military blunders on undeterred. This immunity to the effects of failure is also a socialist trait: if a company does badly, the government gives it more money and hopes for the best. This trait extends to military contracts. ...... Another example: the greatest threat to the US Navy is not any enemy, foreign or domestic, but Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death, because their heavily computerized systems run on the notoriously crashy Windows NT. The response is to reward Microsoft's inability to write reliable software with more government contracts. The great strides made by science and technology have given us this belief that the "growth" which we are used to will continue forever. Dmitry forces us to rethink .... the economic "growth" that we have witnessed so far in developed countries has been based on creating an endless cycle of consumption - what if it reaches some hard resource limits and it becomes impossible to continue? Why bother ... we shall all be dead and gone by that time! Maybe not ... and that makes it somewhat scary!