A lot of Python/FOSS events in November!

Published on: 2009-11-4

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A lot of Python/FOSS events in November!


Myself and Dr.Sasikumar will be conducting a two day workshop for Calicut Uinversity math teachers on Python/LaTeX (Nov 5th and 6th). GEC Thrissur students are planning to introduce students of other Engineering branches to the amazing world of FOSS based Math/Engineering tools on Nov 11. A group of third sem CS students are learning Scipy, Sage, Scilab, tools present in the Fedora Electronics lab distro (and a few other stuff) for this purpose ... I will be doing one more workshop on Python/Scientific computing at Irinjalakkuda on 12th Nov. The FOSSEE guys are holding a workshop on Nov 7th and 8th at Calicut.

Chitlesh Goorah

Thu Nov 5 06:00:47 2009

Hello there, I'm happy to see FEL is helping you do something you enjoy doing. You can find some screenshots here which you are welcome to use during your presentation: http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/FEL#Gallery Our past presentations are also available to you http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/papers/sources/ Let me first invite you to our mailing list at http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-electronic-lab-list to share your experiences during this workshop. We really need additional feedbacks on how to improve it :) Cheers, Chitlesh Goorah


Sat Nov 7 14:32:59 2009

Hi This seems really nice that all you are working with Fedora Electronics Lab and putting good workshops. We also use these open source softwares in our labs. It would be great pleasure and really helpful for us if you could put workshops in our college[DAIICT]. College is : www.daiict.ac.in

Pramode C.E

Thu Nov 5 14:40:18 2009

Hi Chitlesh, Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing with FEL! With something like FEL, we have a real chance of convincing EE guys to give GNU/Linux and FOSS tools a try ... will definitely keep you updated about our progress on the mailing list!