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Published on: 2016-10-01

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I introduced the Rust programming language to students of Jyothi Engineering College, Trichur on 30th September 2016, a day after my talk at GEC Trichur


During my talk at GEC Trichur, I was unable to properly cover the features which make Rust really interesting: ownership, borrowing and lifetimes (it was a short 2 hour session). This time, I decided to cover basic Rust quickly without spending time on stuff like sum types and pattern matching and then move over to the memory unsafety associated with C programming and how Rust takes care of these issues using the type system. I think I was able to do slightly better
this time (compared to the previous day’s session at GECT). My suggestion is that even when done as a talk, it will be better to have sessions of minimum duration 3 to 4 hours.