American Education on the decline (Tuition outsourcing!!)


God (Bill G) himself recently commented on the declining `math and science' education standards in the US. Read a paper which analyses this in detail: Decline of US Educational System These guys realize that math and science skills are crucial to their techno industry and are willing to atleast admit that a problem exists. It's time that some of our industry leaders come on stage and say that our educational system is *rotten* - and suggest some way to rectify it rather than patting themselves (and each other) on the back on the basis of the zillions of $$'s earned by the `outsourcing' industry. The next big `outsourcing' wave is going to be `tuition outsourcing'. American kids don't have enough teachers to teach them. So our math and science teachers are going to teach these kids over the net. It is said that most of these kids are absolutely pathetic when compared to their Indian counterparts. Watch out US, you are going to be in deep trouble... It might be our inherent patriotism (or deep optimisim); but I am horrified when I see reports in the press which extoll the virtues of the Indian education system on the basis of the fact that `we are good enough to teach the American kids, so we should be really great'. You will be seeing more and more such reports in the coming 1 year when more than 500 Indian companies are going to get into the `tuition outsourcing' market - all the time when a vast majority of our students don't attend even primary school and those that do are converted to unthinking automatons (ideally suited for the `hi-tech' IT industry) by the time they come out of it.

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