Nobel Prize For Indians?


The names of this year's Nobel prize winners have been announced; as an old `Outlook' article says: The Nobel Prize is certainly not the perfect mirror of the state of our science but when the score reads 3/486, and when three of our top nominees are currently doing their work abroad, it is useful to pause and ponder: why? The Scientific Indian tries to answer: Asking why an Indian scientist (particularly resident Indian) has not been nominated for a Nobel is a much deeper question than it appears. What goes in comes out. What goes in is determined by numerous factors - the kind of educational institutions we build, the quality of teachers we employ, the background and motivation of students we educate, the rewards and merits we create and promote, are just a few of them.... Rumour has it that from next year onwards, there will be a prize for `Software'; the mood in Bangalore is upbeat as we can easily guess who will bag the prize in this category .....

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