When the Earth Shook


At about 6:45 in the morning today, I was woken up by an unusual rumbling sound - as there were already two-three minor quakes in our area in the past one week, I instinctively felt that this was mother earth trembling (with anger?) once again. As I ran out, many other people were also coming out of their homes shouting "bhoomi kulukkam" (earthquake)! Barely 10 minutes later, the regional TV channel confirmed that one more minor quake has occurred in Trichur district. The geological "experts" are of the opinion that this is a good thing - pressure inside the earth is being let out through a series of minor quakes which will prevent anything more devastating. But of course, these experts themselves know that they know nothing. What if this is an indication of the fact that an area which was seismically docile for a long period is suddenly becoming "active"? The authoritites are as usual waxing eloquent as to how they are `fully prepared' for any kind of emergency when the fact is that we are not prepared for anything more disastrous than a tree falling across the high way. Maybe, mother nature wants to say: "Puny man, don't be so proud of yourself. I can still reduce you and all your worldly creations to rubble in the time it takes for you to put a semi-colon in a C program. Look at the world around you - look at those ants moving towards their nest in a straight line. Ask yourself whether with all your might, you have succeeded in creating something even as simple as that? No. You have not invented anything - you have simply discovered some of my little tricks using a brain which *I* have made powerful enough so that you can have fun understanding my secrets. I thought that you will use this power to keep yourself amused and bring joy and comfort to your fellow beings. But, look at what you are doing - you good for nothing bastards, you have degraded the self-awareness which I have gifted you into petty selfishness and you are using those unique brains I have given you to cheat, loot and murder your fellow beings and plan hate campaigns against them. Fools, not satisfied with plundering your fellow beings, you have started plundering and abusing me - there is a limit to everything - I, who have given you everything, know how to take it all back, lock, stock and barrel. Don't make me angry ......."

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