The Great Pooram Spectacle - Live!!


It's Trichur Pooram today - and there is live telecast on TV. Thiruvambady Unnikrishnan and a friend of his got bored standing for so long under the hot sun and decided to take a stroll in the Thekkinkadu Maidan. Unnikrishnan's friend was chained in a short time ; but Unni is acting naughty. There is a big crowd around him - most of them expert elephant catchers in high spirits. They are shouting loudly and jumping up and down with joy. A few of them got him bound to a tree nearby with some rope. But Unni was excited by the great enthusiasm shown by his admirers and decided not to stay bound to the tree. Some of the elephant/pooram/firework enthusiasts ran away sensing that a more excited Unni might land them in a hospital, or even better, give them a straight passage to heaven. But others stayed behind and managed to chain him to a tree securely. It seems Unni also got bored with his antics and has decided to stay quiet. Now, the great Pooram, that `greatest' show on earth, the hallmark of our culture and heritage, can continue without interruption - to culminate in an amazing display of fireworks right at the centre of the town amidst a huge gathering of highly cultured and `spirited' supporters. I am happy to say that I am now, for the first time in my life, recognized as being member of a `lobby'. Regular readers may remember that I was called a member of the Taliban for not being very enthusiastic about the Pooram/Fireworks.

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