The Software Indusry in India is getting virtually decimated because of piracy!!


MS India chairman Ravi Venkatesan has great words of wisdom for us. The interviewer asks questions like: Being a world leader, in a sense, in the software sector, canít Microsoft make piracy-proof products? To which Mr.Chairman answers: Every time somebody invents a better mouse-trap, criminals figure out how to break that. It's interesting to see how easily the common man has been fooled into believing that he becomes a criminal (that too, a pirate) when he `copies' something. It's not easy to convince people this is not the case - such is the power of the `psychological conditioning' carried out by software/media companies for the past many years. Mr.Chairman goes on to say: In Windows Vista, one of the things we are doing is: if you canít show that you are using genuine [software] and you donít go and get a genuine version, you will operate in ĎReduced Functionality Modeí ó a very, very diminished state. Industry insiders say that MS has tied up with Intel/AMD to implement a special assembly instruction called: BLING which when executed on a Pentium/Athlon/Sempron processor will result in the processor destroying itself by consuming a large amount of current. The next version of Vista, code named Vista++, will invoke the BLING (BLow up If Not Genuine) instruction if it finds out that you are not using a genuine version.

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