India votes NO for OOXML


Read more... And, an interesting observation! Here is what Krishnakant said on the fsf-friends list: read more... It is heartening to note that at least in the field of software, big corporations are starting to realize that they can't forever keep playing dirty games in the presence of an enlightened community.


Fri Mar 21 15:58:11 2008

The second link talks about `Steve Ballmer in India'. Are you sure that is the correct link (there was nothing interesting in that!)?

Pramode C.E

Fri Mar 21 17:07:33 2008

"Interestingly, that was the day when BIS met to discuss OOXML."


Fri Mar 21 20:06:03 2008

Oh .. I missed that .. _behind_the_screen_politics_ !

Pramode C.E

Sun Mar 23 05:17:43 2008


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