CC Licensed Book on NYT Bestseller list!


Little Brother on NYT Bestseller List! little brother book We have heard stories of great books written by great authors being rejected by dozens of publishers before finally hitting the stands and then going on to become best sellers. The problem here is the middleman, the publisher. He is the God, and unless you get his blessings, you are cursed to remain in obscurity. But the Internet is fast changing the rules of the game - middlemen all over the world (monopolistic software companies, recording studios, publishers) will soon be forced into retirement (unless they reinvent themselves and try to work *with* the technology rather than against it). So, if you have a great idea for a book, go ahead, write it, and publish it under a Free License. You may not become an instant celebrity, but you will definitely make an impact! But how will you make money? The crucial factor here is not to concentrate on the money which can be earned by "selling" paper books. As the author of say a great "free" book on cooking, you gain something which an author who has to go through the traditional route of a publisher "God" finds very hard to achieve - visibility. People will definitely notice you - and that will lead to business opportunities (maybe, you might be asked to host some kind of a show on TV!). That is the idea which Paul Krugman conveys in his article Bits, Bands and Books

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