The death of neoliberalism?


Check out: Economic orthodoxy was built on superstition It's interesting to see newspapers all over the world publishing articles like these which point the finger at "free-market" ideologies being responsible for the US financial meltdown. Now, the die-hard capitalist would accuse these writers of being communists who were waiting for something *really* bad to happen so that they could point fingers and say -- "I told you so ..." ; maybe, it might even be true in the case of some of these writers. But that doesn't hide the fact that it's time for a rethink - as the author of the above article points out, mantra's like liberalisation and globalisation should not degrade into orthodoxy ..... they are not the solution to the world's problems. For a long time, the cries of marginalized people all over the world have been met with arrogance by a ruling elite which disregarded them as pathetic attempts at derailing "progress" - maybe, when the air is clear of the clouds of economic disaster, we might see the beginning of a gentler and more humane system of development ....

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