Google SoC 2009 - two student projects from GEC Trichur accepted


These are the accepted proposals from two 4th semester students: Dhanasree Nellayi Prasad - Better Masterpages for Scribus Vipin V Johney - Implementing XPS support in Scribus The results are disappointing ... had more students shown a bit of enthusiasm, it would have been much better than this.


Wed Apr 22 06:38:02 2009

Anways, there is participation from GEC. Congrats to them.. :)

Sujith H

Wed Apr 22 11:54:05 2009

Yesterday I went through this link I am happy that we have second highest number of accepted proposals. What about GEC Palakkad(aka GEC Sreekrishnapuram)? I couldn't see a single name from that college :(

Pramode C.E

Wed Apr 22 12:41:15 2009

Yes - good to have 101 Indian students participating! No luck for GEC Sreekrishnapuram ... as far as I know, only one batch submitted a proposal, and that was rejected.

Jain Basil Aliyas

Wed Apr 22 15:03:21 2009

Congratulations to selected students...!

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